blog 10_ Video References

I‘m doing an Interactive Youtube Video. I analyse the similar Animation from Vimeo.

This is a mixture of narrative and advertising animation. It include character rigging and motion graphics.
This is the style i wanted to apply in my video.

This is verbal narration and with facts and statistic

This is  non-verbal narration and pure story telling

blog 10_ Video References

blog 9_ Free Music and Sound Source

I‘m doing an Interactive Youtube Video. Analyse the background music mode depends on the video story.

Video#1 is Playful, sad in the in end.
Video#2A is Hopeful, applause in the end.
Video#2B is Sad – Climax in the end.

Happy and Playful:

Positive and Hopeful :

I Re-edit this song by using AudioTool

Sad and tragedy:

blog 9_ Free Music and Sound Source

blog 5_ Optical Flares_ Stage Lights Effect

This is very easy. First you have to download the plug in named Optical Flares. It is used to apply lighting effects.
Then after installing the plug in, go layer and open a new Light layer. Make them surround in the back.
Then use Optical Flare to adjust the effects. Especially under the Flicker you can adjust the Speed and Amound.
This control the outcome of the lights.
Download Plug In:

How to install Optical Flare:

My practise outcome :

blog 5_ Optical Flares_ Stage Lights Effect

blog 4_ Light leaks

Tutorial 1:  

This is using manual setting to design the lights with Turbulent Noise (effect).
First adjust the brightness. Then set lower complexity (around 2.0) and scale (7,000).
Then set the Evolution to  move the lights.
Next, set the footage to screen mode, and reduce the opacity.
You can also add in color with Fill (effect).


Tutorial 2:  

This is pretty simple because you just need to import Light Leaks footage and set the mode to Screen.

this is my collection of Light Leaks Video Footage (Free)


Recourse Link:

This is my outcome of applying the techniques which i have learned.

blog 4_ Light leaks