Blog 13_ Research on Learning difficulties


Video1 Promote Kindergarten

  • you have a kid
  • he is fun and active
  • but when it is time for learning, he is lost
  • worried and anxious?! look no further…

Video 2A Promote Kindergarten
Clients come to us for assistance with:

  • Pusat Jagaan Meysen. A  learning through play center.
  • We provide simple solutions for children with learning difficulties including Dyslexia (language) Dysgraphia (writing) Dyscalculia (maths).
  • We are living in a multi cultural society, so the Three major languages and Maths will be highly focused.
  • We have Individual Learning Coaching Support by our Day Care workers.
  • we have successful record of students overcoming learning difficulties in certain areas like Numbers and phoneme.
  • parents are truly satisfied with the performance of their children abilities and confidence. They are ready for the next stage of life – the primary school challenges.

Video 2B More about learning difficulties

  • what are Learning difficulties ? (show symptoms)
  • have problems with language skills, particularly reading? this is called Dyslexia.
  • problems forming letters and writing within a defined space, that’s Dysgraphia
  • math learning disability, which is known as Dyscalculia
  • Learning disabilities are usually a child  has difficulties in one or more subjects that do not improve over time and also below average intellectual ability. Learning disabilities can last a person’s entire life, but they may be alleviated with the right educational supports.


Blog 13_ Research on Learning difficulties

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